Darshakudu Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Movie Name Darshakudu
Movie Cast Vipin Reshammiya, Eesha Rebba
Director Jakka Hariprasad
Music Director Sai Karthik
Production Company Sukumar
Release Date August 4, 2017

Becoming an influential force in Telugu film industry gives you many advantages. It lets you to give chance to many newcomers and encourage them to show their talent. Sukumar who become the most sought and most wanted creative and genius director because of the films he made with star heroes. He is now producing movies in his banner “Sukumar Writings”, and already had scored a blockbuster with Raj Tarun and Hebah Patel. He is now producing a movie with his assistant who gave story for “1-Nenokkadine” and Ashok Bandreddy and Eesha Rebba as male and female leads. This movie has got some expectations due to the promotions by star heroes and heroines. Let’s see how it works on us as it is releasing today into theatres.


Darshakudu Movie Still
Darshakudu Movie Still

Mahesh (Ashok Bandredddy) is a passionate and aspiring director who is waiting to get a chance to direct a movie. He somehow gets a chance to direct the movie. But producer asks to change the love track as it is disappointing. He goes to his native place and happens to meet Namratha (Eesha Rebba) during his return journey and he sees it as an opportunity to write a natural love track with the happenings between them. He sees every moment with her as a scene for his movie and she gets tired of his cinematic senses. She proposes him and leaves him. How he meet her again? Does he love her really? Does he make his first movie? Answers to these questions form the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Ashok Bandreddy as Mahesh is just okay. His face do not have any expressions and he do not have a looks of a hero, His only plus is his voice. Eesha Rebba is superb in her role as Namratha. She did a fantastic job as the female lead and made this movie a watchable fare with her expressions and her acting skills. Gemini Suresh is good in his role as co-director Swami. Noel Sean and Pujitha Ponnada are good. Sudharshan Reddy is good and generate few laughs. All other artists did good job as actors in their roles.

Writing department

Darshakudu Event
Darshakudu Event

Storyline of Dharshakudu is simple and good. Screenplay could have been better and dialogues are simple and good.

Technical departments

Songs composed by Sai Kartheek are good and his background score is good. Cinematography by Praveen Anumolu is good and has given this movie some good visuals. Editing is not so good and could have been much better during the second half. Art department did a nice job and production values are apt.


Eesha Rebba


Ashok Bandreddy

Darshakudu is a movie which shows the mind state of a director and relationships around him. It has the story of an ambitious director who tries to make a natural movie with natural emotions. He uses his real life love story to make love story look natural in the movie. Screenplay during the first half is good at times and it is bad and lagging in the second half. Songs seem to be forced and they are also not so catchy and it makes audience leave into smoking zones to have a puff or something to relax. Director Sukumar who produced Kumari 21f, made a bad choice in producing this Darshakudu with his nephew as hero. He neither has hero looks nor acting skills. Opting for a better actor as lead hero could have made this movie some what better. The better choice the team made in casting Eesha Rebba as female lead who did a nice job. To sum up, Darshakudu is a disappointment from Sukumar writings.

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