Darling movie review

What is all about?

Prabhas’s darling story is about a father and son and pleasant triangle love story between prabhas, Kajal and shraddadas.


Prabhas (Prabhas) is the son of Tamil Actor Prabhu .Prabhas is a college passed guy who is interested on music. His junior in college is Shradha Das , daughter of a strong man (Mukesh Rushi )proposes him, but Prabhas rejects her love, which leads her to suicide attempt. Her father forced Prabhas to marry his daughter , here Prabhas narrates his story of lady love Nandini .Kajal(Nandini) is daughter of (Ahuthi Prasad) Prabhas is active guy and Kajal stays in Switzerland with his father. The rest of the story is about how Prabhas and Nandini meet and how they fall in love and how Prabhas wins his lady love.

Actors Performance:

Prbhas looks young and handsome with trendy look.

Kajal looks very beautiful and gorgeous in the film.

Prabhas & Kajal excelled in their roles and their pair is really awesome.

Tamil actor Prabhu’s performance is exhilarating.

Sraddha Das appears in another miniscule character

Remaining actors Ahuthi prasad, dharmavarapu subramanyam, mukesh rushi’s performances are as usual

What is good?

Prabhas and Kajal’s look and costumes are really awesome.

Cinematographer Andrew must be appreciated for camera work.

Locations and fights are good.

What went bad?


Regular Story, nothing new in story and narration.


Simple and pleasant Youthful love story .Prabhas rocks worth watching once.

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