Dangal might cross Baahubali in full run

Baahubali has become the biggest Indian movie ever by grossing a total gross of 1300+ crores worldwide. After the release of Dangal in China, the positions are going to change in a couple of days.

Dangal- Baahubali
Dangal- Baahubali

Before the release of Baahubali, the Aamir Khan starrer Dangal has stormed Indian and overseas markets with its magical run. However, the movie failed to cross the PK’s worldwide record. Later Baahubali was released and the rest is the history we witnessed as the records are getting smashed all the​ way. Here comes the twist. The Superhit movie Dangal was released in China recently and guess what, this movie is rewriting even the Baahubali records in China. Just for ten days, the movie collected and an overall gross of 380 crores from China and made the worldwide gross to 1100 crores. Now Dangal became the second movie to touch 1000 crores mark after Baahubali. If we look at the current position of Dangal in China, the movie might end up collecting 700 crores in its full run. If this happens, the impossible record of Baahubali will get smashed easily and there are many possibilities for it.

Aamir Khan’s efforts and Nitesh’s taking is proving a content oriented flick is higher than costly periodic drama. Chinese people are coming out of Dangal theaters with the content feeling.

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