Dancing Uncle Gets Compliments From Actor Govinda

The dancing uncle video has become viral on the social media now. A video of a man dancing alongside a lady has now gone viral. Professor Sanjeev Shrivastava who is seen in the dancing video was even covered by the media for his super cool moves and grooves.

Dancing Uncle India
Dancing Uncle India

Sanjeev Srivastava had revealed that the inspiration behind his super cool dance is actor Govinda. Somehow, the news has reached actor Govinda, who is in London currently. Govinda has seen the video and also replied to Sanjeev. “I finally saw the videos of this man dancing. I really liked the way he dances. More than a dozen heroes have copied my dance style, but no one has ever done with so much perfection”, said Govinda. Seems the dancing man is content, as his inspirational actor himself has given him a compliment now.

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