Dammu Movie Review

Rating: 2.50/5

Critic Rating: (2.50/5)

It is

Telugu mainstream.


Things happen and the hero (NTR playing Ramachandar Rao) ends up as someone who is supposed to kill a whole lot of people (almost a village full),that being the moral thing to do, even though he is someone who believes in peace at the film’s beginning (he just beats up a lot out of people and doesn’t kill them, keeping the peace in tact).

The first lady lead (Trisha) meets the orphan NTR somewhere on the road and after a few scenes our writers struggle to come up with (how the guy gets girl scenes), they end up as lovers of an epic sort until the film gets into the main plotline and has no use for the well paid diva (except for the random sensual moment and cut to song. Supposed to be sensual, mostly nympho like).

So, NTR (now Raja Vasireddy) has a past and because of which he has to kill all the bad guys in around Nassar (the villain), because this is the only way films will be made for another few years from now.

Why not the stairs?

The first time the hero appears on screen is one of our most important moments. After the basic line of the film’s done, there’s always someone on the road who needs a good hearted Hercules to shoo away all the goons trying to kill them.

This unconnected scene is usually the cue to get ready with the paper ribbons. And this scene had been improvised so many times that it’s kind of hard to impress the crowds. Hence, all the gaudy graphics and stunts to awe the audience one.last.time.

In this one NTR comes from within one of those glass buildings breaking the glass worth of two floors. This sense of the hero making an appearance (an entrance) is the only common theme throughout the screenplay. And to make an impact with this one idea every time, can be tough.

“Let NTR walk and I want a bunch of guys around him, in mid-air. Let NTR ram into a bunch of cars (just him or he can be in a car too) and I want them around him, in mid-air. Let NTR talk to the maid, in mid-air”

Good and bad

Was a lot better looking than the recent masala films (Arthur A Wilson to thank), but, a decent soundtrack was missing. A bunch of catchy tunes could have helped the drags.


NTR has always been someone for the screen. He at least lacks the awkward presence unlike our more recent star kids. And with the years he has also grown into a more complete Telugu star and doesn’t need comedians in lots to provide the lighter moments. He had done his part, lesser clichés can bring out better.

Nassar does well to keep the other end interesting in spite of the bad make up. Kishore (the frustrated cop from Happy) is wasted in a role which had absolutely no lines. Not that we put our acting resources to good use.


It is the mainstream; it is the awaited and well marketed formula film. The first half’s got its formula right and the action overdrive of the second half prove the limited boundaries of Telugu film writing.

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