Damarukam Movie Review

Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)

The demons have lost the battle to the Gods and all demons but Andhakasura (Ravi Shankar) are killed. So, this fellow plans to wait for his time to avenge and goes into oblivion for now. Thousands of years later a few planets, the sun and the moon line up and cast some strange looking graphics into a house. Born at this precise moment is a girl who can save or end the world, based on who she marries (Maheshwari played by Anushka).

So there’s Andhakasura who plans complete world(s) domination by marrying this girl that got hit by graphics and there’s the mass hero played by Nagarjuna (Malli aka Mallikarjuna) marrying who will keep the world from falling into darkness.

Malli’s got God issues of his own; he was an ardent Siva devotee until his entire family was killed by a bear sized panther (an avatar Andhakasura takes up). Got to be one of the most convincing ways to orphan the protagonist, and moreover all the parents around will take a lot more writing and reaction shots.

Mordor vs. Masala
This is one of those films that believe in the invincibility of the vagabond Masala hero, more than the rest. Andhaka mostly schemes it the ‘Jaani Dushman’ way and he finally gets Mahi to this reddish waste land where he plans to marry her. With a few swift hand gestures he creates a kingdom full of ash buildings bleeding lava. He goes through all this only for Nagarjuna to just walk in there with some sword and kill him after struggling through a few bad lines (Budida aipodaaniki nenemi duudini kaadu ra!)

Nagarjuna goes through the usual troubles of playing a young, unmarried, physically attractive fighter/lover/protector of the human realm at the age of 53. He was so convincing as the Nagarjuna of many films where he gets along being Nagarjuna.

Of the other cast members Ravi Shankar will stay back, but, it’s not a happy memory. I feel bad that after all those lengthy intense lines, the snakes in his hair, the biker tattoos on his arms he got killed so easily. They don’t even respect his eyebrows that turn upwards.

This film has absolutely nothing original to offer. It incorporates every redundant Masala technique of the past 20 years and makes an ugly mash up of it.

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