Daler Mehendi and Mika together!

Now this is a big coup in the music industry. Two warning brothers, Daler and Mika who are apparently not on the best of the terms came together for the first time to lend their voice for the Sunil Shetty and Arshad Warsi starrer Mr White Mr Black.

"It’s a big coup in the music industry since it’s a known fact that both the brothers don’t get along, but I convinced them. The common ground being Asha Bhosaleji. When both Daler and Mika came to know that they will be signing with Ashaji, they instantly agreed," says music director Shamir Tandon who roped in both the warring brothers.

"It was a matter of great honour for me to sing with the legendary Asha Bhosaleji and my brother Daler Paaji, who is also such an accomplished singer. I thank Shamir Tandon for giving me this historic opportunity to sing with such living legends," says Mika. While Daler on his part is ecstatic about getting a chance to sing with the legendary singer and his brother and his favourite actor Sunil Shetty.

"I sing very few songs in bollywood, but when I came to know that it was for a film featuring Suniel Shetty, I was very happy because he is a thorough gentleman and I respect him a lot. Within 24 hours I flew down to Mumbai and was happy to hear the tune composed by Shamir and written by Shabir Ahmed. It was indeed a pleasure to sing with Ashaji and my brother Mika," says Daler.

Now that’s what we called a happy ending! Reports Indiatimes Movies.

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