Daggubati Rana Injured!

Young hero Daggubati Rana is presently busy with the shooting of his second film "Department" in Hindi. He was introduced to Bollywood with the film Dum Maro Dum. Hero Rana got injured on Sunday, while he was shooting his forthcoming Hindi film "Department". Rana was injured, while shooting the action scenes for Deparment at a steel factory on the outskirts of Mumbai on Sunday at 3pm.

As per the sources Rana injured both his knees and got bruised on his shoulder. As per the reports while shooting the action scenes in the film Department, Rana was supposed to jump over few boxes, but due to miscalculating the steps and getting the timing wrong, he fell directly on his knees and the impact was so high that the knee caps he was wearing for protection broke. After the incident Rana couldn’t went to the hospital also because there was no medical help close by. The fighters, who were shooting with Rana have put some ice packs on his knees and shoulder.

Now he is coming back to Hyderabad to take rest for few more days. After recovery he is going to join in the shoot. Ramgopal Varma is directing this flick.

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