Dad kills daughter over loud music!

A Sikh father in the UK allegedly murdered his daughter during an argument about her playing loud music, it has emerged.

Gurmeet Singh Ubhi strangled his 24-year-old daughter Amrit at their residence in Telford, Shropshire, when he was woken up after he finished working a night shift, heard Leicester Crown Court, reports the Daily Mail.

Rachel Brand, prosecuting, said that Ubih, got into an argument with his daughter in the conservatory in Leegomery September, 2010, after he tried to use the remote control to turn down the music.

She said he told police his daughter attacked him and in the ensuing struggle he suddenly found his hands around her neck.

"Eventually, he said, she was on the floor with his hands around her neck and her head suddenly fell to the side. He said he was shocked because he had not used much force," said Brand.

He apparently had a problematic relationship with Amrit, his son Harmeet and his wife Satinder after a period of estrangement.

Brand also said that Ubhi did not approve of his daughter’s boyfriend.

"The relationship between her (Amrit) and her father was not good. He also did not like the fact that she had a white English boyfriend who she had been seeing for a number of years-a serving soldier called Stuart Loakes," she said.

She said using the term ‘Westernised’ to describe how Ubhi felt about his children would not be appropriate and added: "In this case it has to do with an old-fashioned father who thought his children should do what he thought. It is not really a cultural thing."(ANI)


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