D for Dopidi Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Raj and DK, known for their hatke and interesting movies like Shor in the City and Go Goa Gone have tried their hands in producing a Telugu flick. ‘D for Dopidi’ directed by debutant Siraj Kalla, and co-produced by Nani, is a comedy based on bank robbery.

Vicky, Raju, Harish and Bannu are four friends, who hit situations where they are in a dire need of money. Vicky is bankrupt after spending lakhs to woo his girlfriends with expensive gifts. Raju is a junior artiste but aspires to become a lead actor. Harish can marry his loved one only after he can win a challenge thrown by girl’s father, to prove that he is solvent. Bannu wants to cut down all the extra kilos and get a six-pack. An amateurish bank robbery is planned, and the chaos created by the execution of the robbery is the story.

The best part of D for Dopidi is the duration. The 120 minutes film starts quickly without wasting much time and continues the pace throughout. There are no songs and other deviations from the main plot. The narration rendered by Nani in the beginning is a great kick-start to the movie. But, when the narration stops, the entertainment stopped too. The movie with a been-there-seen-before plot should ride high on humour, but fails to do except for very few scenes. The situational comedy was badly written, evoking only a very limited laughs. D for Dopidi, however has the advantage of making some constant progress throughout the proceedings, that you will delay your loo-break, if any.

Thanikella Bharani’s episode was entertaining, and Dev Katta was good as the cop. Sundeep Kishan was the only good performer of the four. The best part of him is he makes the utmost use of his screen time delivering a quality performance. Varun Sandesh is still stuck to the same old lifeless dialogue delivery and the annoying accent. Harish was Ok and Bannu was ineffective.

D for Dopidi, could have been a hilarious ride, if the writing wasn’t weak. Many scenes in the movie give you “So-I-need-to-laugh-to-this-silly-joke?” moments.

D for Dullsville

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