Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

What it’s all about?

The film Current is a love story between a boy and a girl. There is also no opposition to their love from their parents. The only problem is between the lovers and how they go about in resolving it is the story of the film.

The plot:

The plot is quite interesting. Sushanth, son of Tanikella Bharani and Sudha is a carefree youngster. He falls in love with his classmate Sneha Ullal. She is the only daughter of Judge Charan Raj. He is a doting father and encourages his daughter to take her own decisions in life. When Sneha Ullal tells her father that she is in love with Sushanth he asks her to introduce him so that he can see for himself how good he is for her.

Charan Raj is not happy at the carefree attitude of Sushanth. He tells his daughter the same thing and she agrees with her father. She then even gives her consent to marry a cousin of hers. There is a problem though – Sneha simply cannot forget Sushanth. She then requests Sushanth to do something that will make her forget him and also kill her love for him.

Sushanth goes about his job in right earnest. He almost manages to make Sneha Ullal to stop loving him. The film doesn’t end here and there is more to come. Watch the rest of the story on the screen.

The actors:

Sushanth is okay. He has improved from his debut film and he gives a fairly good account of himself. Sushanth also shakes his legs well and he gets good response for his dance movements. Sneha Ullal is hot and sexy. She gives an above average performance. Charan Raj is good in his role. Tanikella and Sudha are impressive while Brahmanandam comes up with a brief role. Raghu Babu manages to raise some laughter with his comedy with Shafi.

The music is good and the story and screenplay are okay. The director manages to come up with a neat film.

The Bottom line:

Current is an okay film but the title is not fully justified. The film is a clean entertainer with no vulgar dialogues. It is only the scenes involving Shakeela that may be slightly offensive but then they have been included to appeal to the front benchers.

Current will appeal hugely to the target audience – the youth. The film may do some decent business at the box office.

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