Currency notes rain at Avadi bridge

CHENNAI: A shower of currency notes from a road overbridge in Avadi brought traffic to a halt on the Sunday afternoon as people made a mad scramble to picked up the Rs 1,000 notes that were landing in wads and also in loose.

Though people did not realise initially that the confetti suspended in air was paper money, there was excitement once the notes touched the ground at the traffic junction of New Military Road and Chennai Tirupati Highway.

When the police arrived at the scene, some had fled with the booty.

From those who were still picking the papers, the police collected a total of 330 currency notes, amounting to Rs 33,000.

The police suspect that the money could have flown out of the pocket or bag of some motorist on the bridge or someone could have dropped it deliberately.

M Madheswaran, Inspector of Police, Avadi, has asked claimants to approach the police station.

In August, currency notes of Rs 50 and Rs 100 denominations flew out of an old waterpipe in Vyasarpadi when a lorry rammed into it, breaking it. The commotion that followed led to a traffic bottleneck.

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