Crocodile brings terror to the city

Construction workers from Bihar spotted a six-foot long crocodile on Monday evening at a construction site in Nanakramguda. The workers were draining a water-filled trench that was dug to build a cellar for a high-rise construction near the IT zone, when suddenly they saw the croc.

Police and officials from the Nehru Zoological park rushed to the area and launched efforts catch the crocodile. However they failed to catch the reptile as onlookers thronged the area making it difficult for the zoo officials to retrieve the reptile despite trying for six long hours. The officials informed that they would feed the animal and try again on Tuesday.

It is still not clear how the reptile found its way to the trench though some people say that it had apparently swum from the nearby Bharatammakunta lake which is connected to river Moosi through many rivulets.

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