Creature 3D Movie Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Creature is that sort of a film, where makers’ logic defies the concept of logic, in turn putting your logic at unrest! The film was standing only on Bipasha Basu’s shoulders. But even she couldn’t do much to save the film.

BramhaRakshash exist in folklore and stories, but in 2014, in Ooty, we quite don’t get it. The story of the film is something that will not go down well with many. But there are even chances, a section of the society will swear by the film. (I say this with heavy heart).

Ahana and Co, decide to kill the Creature, each doing their bit single-handedly. No kidding! All this in the name of our glorious Bollywood stories! ‘It happens only in Bollywood’ Mantra, works too well for the film, and there are more than a few instances, where that formula is applied blatantly.

Telepathy; sudden appearances of hero at the right time without prior reference; even after ample blood loss, the heroine stands still without even a sign of weakness; fighting an extra-large, heavy-breathing-bronchitis-suffering creature made cakewalk; all fall under the Grand Umbrella of “This Happens Only In Bollywood”.

This sci-fi thriller slash supposed to be horror flick, aimed to introduce a new genre in the Industry and as Bipasha had rightly put in her interview, “horror as a genre is not yet explored in India”, we surely see what she meant. Actually what she meant was that we are trying out something, see if the experiment turns out well or not. I guess, I will agree to the latter case. It just didn’t work.

Star Performances:

Bipasha Basu, tried to pull off Ahana, a lonely depressed girl, who wants to finally fight back. What she decides to fight is a beast that looks as ugly as… Umm! There is no simile for that, actually! Anyway, she does fight him and emerges ‘She-ro’. Yes! But Bipasha darling, we have seen you in such better roles! She did what was given to her, but actually there was not much in her hands. On the looking good part, she looks extremely well. I wish there was a better script too!

Debutante Imran Abbas Naqvi, is that chocolate candy, who is candy on screen too. He looks good, but on the acting ground, this good-looking choco bwoy, couldn’t do anything. He comes, sings, and makes way for the leading lady to kill the beast. Besides singing, he has contributed by delivering dialogues in English with utter ease, but when it comes to Hindi, he becomes dead as a stone.

Other actors didn’t have much to do in the film and were required for some circumstantial requirements which they fulfilled.


I don’t know how I put this without making it sound rude! But Vikram Bhatt has disappointed us with Creature 3D. We have seen him give us such good films, but the experimental Creature just didn’t work well. The story has many loopholes, and falls too weak. The narrative is just so disappointing, that you just wish the movie to end.

I do understand, a lot of hard work and effort goes into making the film and there is labour of hundreds of souls. But it is to be remembered that even when one Friday decides the fate of the film, the judgement in made upon the final product as a whole. On that front, Creature falls apart. I was initially rating it as 1.5 out of 5, but that extra half is for the labour that has gone while filming this movie.

The very good part about the film is that the 3D effects used in the film are really well. Keeping the fact in mind, that no foreign assistance was taken upon this film, and it was solely a product of all Indian minds, that job is laudable. The 3D effects, ugly looking monster, and post-production work have done pretty well, matching the International Standards.

Watch Or Not:

If you want to watch it, please feel free to. One time watch is a passable job, with a little effort and patience. But if you don’t want to watch it, that should not prove to be a hefty cinematic loss for you! Yet! For the 3D techniques used and for Bipasha Basu, you can take the chance of watching Creature 3D!

Thumbs Up: Indian visual effects team’s efforts,

Thumbs down: Storyline, bad acting,

Yawns: Quite a few

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