Courtney Love posts topless photos on Facebook

London: She may be a 45-year-old mother of a teenage daughter, but Courtney Love is not keen to let go of her outrageous image.

The widow of rock legend Kurt Cobain has raised eyebrows once again by posting topless photographs of her on the social networking website Facebook.

Love proudly poses topless in the shock pictures which are thought to be from a few years ago, hence the absence of her more recent body art.

One of the pictures show the `Hole` hitmaker pose on all fours as transexual model Amanda Lepore pretends to whip her while another depicts the singer lying naked in a broken down warehouse.

Love has become a controversial figure thanks to her Internet ramblings, her drug habit, her eating disorders and revelations about her sexual encounters with other celebs.

The shots add to the singer`s already controversial image, having carved out a niche for outrageous behaviour with her band `Hole`.


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