Court rejected Swetha’s parents request!

Swetha Basu Prasad is now coping up will in the rehabilitation centre in Hyderabad. She is under strict observation and her confidence levels are now being boosted to the maximum level. Adding to this, Police officials are trying to get the maximum information from her.

Court Shock to Swetha Basu Parents

Considering all these aspects, court rejected Swetha’s parents’ request to send her along with them to their home. It turned out to be a shock to the public but there are strong reason for this decision from the judge. It is known that Shwetha felt a bit sad while saying that she was completely left by her family at one point of time.

Hence, court might have decided to give support in all the ways to Shwetha for 6 months, before sending her to her home along with her parents. On the other hand, Police officials are aspiring to gather maximum information from Shwetha. Her statement that there are several heroines involved in prostitution, turned out to be a suspense factor.

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