Court Notices to Kamal and Ramya Krishnan

The latest news from Chennai sources reveals that Chennai high court has ordered CMDA to issue notices to Kamal Hassan and actress Ramya Krishna. Apparently, Ranganathan who is based in Chennai has filed a case against Ramya Krishna, Kamal Hassan and 138 others claiming that they have illegally constructed buildings in ECR road. He claimed that the CMDA has not given the permissions for the houses, but they have went ahead of the rules and constructed the buildings.

Kamal Hassan and Ramya Krishna
Kamal Hassan and Ramya Krishna

He also claimed that the Ramya Krishna and Kamal Hassan have built houses around his property and the petition that was filled in the court has come for the discussion on Tuesday. The case was investigated and the court has ordered CMDA to send notices for both of them along with the others named in the petition. The court has also postponed the case for the further investigation on April 9th. Let us see what is going to happen.

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