Court grants bail to Suniel Shetty on a defamation case

This sure is the season of Bollywood celebs appearing in the Courts. The new addition to the list is Anna Suniel Shetty, against whom a stunt man had filed a defamation case. Suniel appeared in the court in the midst of media attention.


The accusations started off when Puran Chauhan, a Bollywood stuntman complained about the special treatment given to Suniel Shetty as an actor in cases of heavy duty stunts. The Court was willing to hear to the normal technician, pushing aside any discrimination between regular people and actors.

“When Law is equal for all, Shetty should be treated as any other ordinary accused and should not be given any special treatment. The proceedings should have been conducted in the open court” said the grieving stuntman appalled at the treatment.

However, despite all the theatrics in the name of equality, bail was granted to the actor. There were hush hush whispers that some of the judiciary staff went all partial with the star, clicking pictures with him inside the chamber of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Savitri, who was instrumental in letting Suniel go.

After a one and half gruelling hearing of the session, the Bollywood actor was also served soup in the CMM s chamber.

The defamation case was filed last October and the hearing is now again fixed for 16th of this month.

Shetty was also given a last chance to appear before the court this March without any fail, and INR 20,000 was slammed as a fine on the actor twice when he failed to show up.

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