Court Decision on Director and his actress wife divorce

The three-year marriage of Tamil cinema’s top director Selvaraghavan and his actress wife Sonia Aggarwal is finally coming to an end on March 12. The Family Welfare Court in Chennai today fixed its verdict on the Selvaraghavan – Sonia Agarwal divorce case to be on March 12, 2010. The couple visited the court today and announced to the judge they are still resolved about their decision. Remember that the couple had filed for a divorce in August last year at the family court in Egmore in Chennai and applied for a “divorce by mutual consent”.Their wedding that was held in December 2006 lasted only for about 2 years after which they decided to part ways.

Sonia was initially reluctant for a divorce, and tried for patch up. However the couple realized that the marriage was heading nowhere and decided to part. The buzz is that Selva paid a huge alimony to Sonia and now they will be happily independent people.

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