Court approves Parveen Babi’s will 11 years after her death

12 years after the death of yesteryear Bollywood actress Parveen Babi, the Bombay high court has probated her will, which attributes 80 percent of her assets towards underprivileged women and children.

Parveen Babi Will
Parveen Babi Will

Parveen Babi died at her Juhu apartment in Mumbai in January 2005. Soon after her death, Babi’s maternal uncle, Muradkhan Babi claimed that she had left him in charge of her assets and to prove his claim; he had produced a copy of the will, which seeks a trust to be formed and headed by her uncle. Through the trust, Babi wanted 70 per cent of her wealth to go to underprivileged women and children and 10 percent to her Alma mater St Xavier’s College Ahmedabad. Remaining 20% was willed to Muradkhan.

Babi’s paternal relatives, however, called the will fake and lodged a petition in Bombay High Court. After 11 years, they have finally accepted the will, so the High Court has ruled in favor of Muradkhan and allowed him to form the trust.

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