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The much delayed Gautam Menon’s production Courier Boy Kalyan has finally hit the theatres. Directed by debutant Prem Sai , the movie has an interesting premise. Medical mafia is the backdrop of the film.

Kalyan (Nithiin) is an energetic youngster plays a courier boy. Cupid strikes him when he sees Kavya (Yami Gautam) for the first time. There is a medical mafia being run where stem cells are removed from pregnant women and are aborted. A person who gathers all this information puts it down in a package which ends up with Kalyan. Some strangers start following Kalyan and he has no clue why. Later, Kalyan learns that he has a parcel which has something to do with the medical mafia. Later slowly truths start unveiling. How Kalyan finally puts an end to this illegal activity forms the rest of the story.

The movie is no doubt a unique attempt. It has a story which has been never seen before in Telugu cinema. However, instead of sticking to the story, the movie takes liberty to add songs blocking the flow multiple times. Despite its short length of less than two hours, the movie appears slightly long. At some point, it also feels like a partial documentary sprinkled with some songs.

The first half especially ends after a very interesting twist. The second is shorter with a length of 45 minutes. The climax however is slightly abrupt. Narration is inconsistent varying from good to bad. More than the narration, the tracks spoil the film big time. The music has been composed by Anup Rubens and Karthik. The back ground score has been given by Sandeep Chowta. Their work was hardly impressive in the film.

Nithiin has definitely improved a lot from his Jayam days, but still has a long way to go reach the ease which stars of his generation like Nani, Sharwanand have. He did the role aptly. Yami Gautam took the glamour responsibility in the movie. The pair looked good but the romantic track was strictly okay. The comedy sequences failed miserably. . The movie has some very good actors like Nasser and Ashutosh Rana who contributed well to the film.

Prem Sai did have an engaging script in hand. However, it got lost in the translation especially in the attempt to be on par with a typical telugu movie. In this way, a potential story had to suffer. Probably, the same reason may be assumed for the long delay of the release of the film. The production value of Photon Kathas care of Gautam Menon are decent. Cinematography was up to the mark. Stem cells being taken from early stage pregnant women exposes a new kind of mafia to the world.

All in all, a novel story which turns out to be a boring tale because of a half-baked screenplay and some forced elements.

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