Costly Fight Scene in Bollywood

The action film “Dishoom” starring Varun Dhawan and John Abraham in the lead roles is the hot topic in the Bollywood film industry. The helicopter scene in the movie which has been seen in the trailer has costed Rs 3 crores to film, making it the most expensive Bollywood action sequence shot ever.

Dishoom chopper scenes cost Rs 3 cr
Dishoom chopper scenes cost Rs 3 cr

As for the reliable sources, Heavy duty action sequences of an exciting 12-minute chase comprising choppers, speedboats and cars have been shot for the film “Dishoom”. The helicopter chase sequence is one of the most complicated scenes shot in Bollywood history this action sequence mounted up to Rs.3 crore because this scene is shot in Morocco with multiple choppers and trained fighters that were used as a part of the crew of international artists.

“Dishoom” is directed by Rohit Dhawan. Also starring Jacqueline Fernandez and Akshaye Khanna, the movie will release worldwide on July 29 this year.

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