‘Controversies’ about Varun Sandesh

Varun Sandesh is the young lad in news with the blessings of Sekhar Kammula from quite few years ever since Happy Days released. By his virtue he got another block buster hit ‘Kotha Bangaru Lokam’ with the blessing of Dil Raju. And his third venture ‘Evaraina Epudaina’ failed to meet the expectations but he claims that to be a big hit. He took just Rs 50 lakh for that film but boasting that he has taken Rs 90 lakh for that. His idea is to bag Rs 1 Cr for next venture mentioning a fake hat trick. It seems that there is a man behind all this artificial hype and he is none other than his father. This is one controversy with regard to his professional stuff.

And another grapevine is making rounds that he is a big flirt and spends time with girl friends round the clock. That is indeed a common aspect and nothing big to talk about. But the underlined aspect here is that his father is encouraging that stuff and also arranging for trysts. Many are saying that his father is spoiling him a lot just by looking at this ‘nadimantrapu siri’.

The third controversy is that Varun’s father is irritating other directors. A popular director advised Varun to complete his studies first and come and act in movies if desire persists but not to jump blindly into it. But since Varun got subsequent hits, his father has gone to that director to say, “Look! My son is now big star. You assumed something else and tried to push back my son to studies”. The director has no other way than to smile for this statement.

On a whole many are saying that Varun is feeling that he is next to Siddhartha in Tollywood circuit.



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