Most controversial Tollywood heroines of 2014

In 2014, few Tollywood heroines caught the eyes of the media for few controversies. Here are the top 5 controversies which raised the level of media attention.

Kajal Agarwal:

Kajal Agarwal

Smiling sensation Kajal Agarwal came up with a photoshoot controversy. Her pics rounded in the internet and she came up with a statement that the pics which were in the web space were morphed. Her statement turned sensation and the issue turned controversial. The issue got settled slowly and Kajal Agarwal didn’t attempt any hot photoshoots later on. Few other controversies appeared on her remuneration but Kajal felt like not speaking further on it.



Asin is the actress who came nearer to the hearts of audience with series of interesting ventures few years back. She turned hot in Bollywood too with series of flicks with the Khans. Asin was struck in a controversy when a media segment mentioned that she was spotted romancing a businessman in a car. Another controversy that she was touched inappropriately came into lime light from a media segment.

Swetha Basu Prasad:

Swetha Basu Prasad

Swetha Basu Prasad’s controversy is the biggest of all in India. Few media segments mentioned that she was caught red handed in a prostitution case. This controversy went ahead for few months and she finally got clean chit from the court saying that she is innocent.



Small screen artist Kinnera, who appeared in few ventures, was stated to be a part of flesh trade by a media segment. As per the story of that media segment, Kinnera was caught in a string operation. Later on, this controversy got settled.


Nikitha, who acted in few flicks beside Lawrence, Nithin and Aryan Rajesh, was struck in a controversy. She was banned by few film makers for few days with the report that the actor Darshan’s wife complaint on Nikitha. Industry supported Nikitha later on and the ban was lifted.

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