Most Controversial Indian Godmen

“India is not a God loving country but a God fearing country”. Does this line ring a bell in your minds? Remember OMG:Oh My God!’s dialogue? Well it aptly justifies the trend of Indian Godmen. If you thought that 33 crore God and Goddesses were sufficiently less in our country, then there are a few more mortal Godmen in our beloved country who worshipped no less.

With Sant Rampal making waves in the nation presently, we present to you a few Godmen of India, who are worth billions but highly controversial.

1. Sant Rampal


Let’s begin with the man who is all over the news lately. This baba has been arrested recently and in his ashram were recovered dead bodies of 5 women and a child. Plus he has to his name a court case, dating back to 2006, where his followers were caught in a brawl with devotees of Arya Samaj.

2. Asaram Bapu

Asaram Bapu

He pravachans have a widespread reach. He has a record of cases where he was charged of tantric practices and also mureder. And that’s not all. There are several allegations of assault and molestation upon him. He was arrested last year and with CBI involved in the investigation, Asaram Babu is surrounded by controversies over bottleneck.

3. Swamy Nithyananda

Swamy Nithyananda

Well! This Swami is charged with serious charges of raping a follower for five continuous years and other malpractices too. But he rose to limelight when his video footage of with Southern Actress Ranjitha was leaked and the lusty side of baba was uncovered on national television.

4. Nirmal Baba

Nirmal Baba

He has a yearly turnover of Rs. 235 crores at his Nirmal Darbar. Said to have attained Nirvana, Nirmal baba hold his darbar and solves problems of many devotees. He has several cases against him on grounds of cheating and fraudulent practices.

5. Chandraswami


He is acclaimed to be a psychic, tantric-man, astrologer, fraud and arms’ dealer. Not only was he said to be involved in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, but he was charged with arms dealing with Adnan Khashoggi.

6. Ichchadhari Sant Swami Bhimanand Ji Maharaj

Swami Bhimanand

He claims to be the disciple of Sai Baba, was a security guard at a posh hotel, worked in a massage parlor, was sentenced to jail for running a prostitution racket. Since then he transformed into a baba and has amassed crores and crores of money.

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