Contents of Pawan Kalyan’s book ISM

The much talked about book ISM written by Pawan Kalyan and his intellectual associate Raju Ravitej is going to release on the 25th this month. ISM stands for Ideologies, Manifesto and Agenda.
ism book
Here is a sneak peek into the fundamentals on which the book is based on:

  1. We must endeavour to treat our fellow humans the same as we treat ourselves.
  2. Law must not differentiate between powerful and powerless people.
  3. Equality of conditions must prevail.
  4. The best amongst the society must occupy the top most place based on what they do and not what they are.
  5. Our life must have balance based in nature
  6. We must be connected with our divinity.

This list seems to convey a strong conviction of Jana Sena striving for a balanced and progressive society.  Let’s wait for the book launch to know what exactly are the detailed ideologies of this unique party headed by Pawan Kalyan.

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