Conspiracy against Drishyam?

Director Jeethu Joseph feels quite strongly that this is indeed true. The upset director points to some odd details regarding the series of legal troubles he and his team have faced recently, which culminated yesterday in the High Court issuing an injunction, temporarily stopping the production of the Tamil remake of the Malayalam super hit flick.


The first lawsuit was of Ekta Kapoor’s who claims the movie Drishyam is based on a Japanese book titled The Devotion of Suspect X, written by Keigo Higaashino. This was, it seems, determined by her people who watched the movie and found many similarities in the plots of the two. The basis of the lawsuit is copyright infringement as Ekta had bought the film rights to this particular book.

The second lawsuit and the one that has temporarily managed to stop the production of the remake in Tamil, which was to be directed by Jeethu himself and had the Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan in the lead, was filed by director Sathish Paul. Now, this situation seems more fishy.. or so says Jeethu.

Sathish’s lawsuit was based on a claim that the movie was based on his novel Oru Mazhakkalathu, which he was planning to make into a film with Fahadh Faasil in the lead. In fact, he says many of the scenes in the movie were direct copies taken from his book with few changes even.

Jeethu has maintained that Drishyam had always been an original script and not based on any novel or book.

Now interestingly, Jeethu also says that Sathish had met with him, and upon comparing the two stories, had finally left convinced that the similarities, if any, were coincidental at best. And Jeethu had questioned him on why it had taken him such a long time to come forward with such a grievance, if he found it to be true, at least from his perspective. After all, the original movie came out last year!

The director had left and now it seems he filed a lawsuit that has found a temporary victory in the injunction.

“This is some kind of a conspiracy against my movie,” says Jeethu Jospeh, who is now a defendant in both lawsuits along with Antony Perumbavoor who produced the Malayalam version and Suresh Balaji who is producing the Tamil remake, who just is one of the targets of the second lawsuit.

It remains to be seen what fate has in store for the Tamil Drishyam which was building up a lot of buzz before these unfortunate circumstances took over.

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