Congress, TDP did ‘match-fixing’

Former Congress MP, Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy on Thursday said that the decision of the Congress government in Andhra Pradesh to appoint a House Committee to probe the alleged irregularities in land allotments was attempt to corner him.

TDP had stalled the Assembly proceedings for several days seeking Joint Legislature Committee to probe land allotments since 2004.

The ruling Congress and opposition Telugu Desam did ‘match-fixing’ to take on him, he claimed in an open letter.

"I know. This is a deep-rooted conspiracy. All this is happening with directions from Delhi," he claimed.

"There was no discussion on public issues in the Assembly. But all parties have come together to take on me.”

"TDP has stalled the house demanding that the House Committee be appointed without debate. Government added to the fire by favouring debate. But Chandrababu Naidu reminds that the government has agreed to appoint a JLC. Then Chief Minister accepts that he does not have objection to House Committee. If this is not match-fixing, what else it is?" he asked.

The government got Income Tax notices issued to him (on investments in the media organisations run by him) and made one of its ministers file a petition in the High Court only to corner him, he alleged.

"If there is truth in their allegations, truth would come out somewhere. But, why the House Committee now? Because, they want to spread misinformation and harass me," he said.

Asserting that there were no irregularities in the investments made in the companies run by him, Jagan said he would face the attacks but would not lose his self-respect.(PTI)

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