Conflict between Mahesh and Tamanna?

Prince Mahesh and Milky beauty Tamanna Bhatia are now working closely for the film “Aagadu”. It seems that things are not too clear between the two. Sources from the film sets revealed that both Mahesh and Tamanna are maintaining distance from one another in the sets.

Mahesh and Tamanna

Even in the scenario of working on single frame, Tamanna is reportedly not discussing the scene with Mahesh. Instead, she is directly entering the zone and is saying ready. People present in the set are saying that she is maintaining distance from Mahesh. Even Mahesh is not taking this much to his heart.

“Is there a conflict between the two?” turned out to be the point. Buzz is on progress that the things between Mahesh and Tamanna are not clear and something went wrong at some point of time during the shootings. Tamanna is known for her jovial nature and even Mahesh speaks well to the people he likes.

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