Condom Brands Special Wishes to DeepVeer

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh got married to each other yesterday at Italy in the presence of the friends and family members. The hot pair is very much happy with the way the things are progressing in their lives now. Apparently, a lot of people and the celebrities have forwarded their wishes to the new couple.

Deepika Padukone Wedding Pics
Deepika Padukone Wedding Pics

The couple got married in the traditional Konkani ceremony and they will also get hitched in Sindhi tradition., Meanwhile, the interesting wishes for the couple have come from the condom brands as they have released posters on social media wishing the couple. Taking to Twitter, a top condom brand wrote, “Congrats Deepika and Ranveer for officially putting a ring on it”.

Another company has come up with a tweet saying, “Here are a few options for you to wear on your D-Day’ Classic, isn’t it?”

Too funny, right! On this occasion, we too join the festivities and wish the new couple a happy life ahead.

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