Common Facebook Page for Mammootty and Mohanlal!

Mammootty and Mohanlal are the two undisputed legends in Malayalam cinema right now and sometimes referred to as the two Ms in Mollywood. Both of them have had a career that has lasted over three decades and with good reason!


Apart from of course their sheer talent, charisma and captivating charm, they have without a doubt managed to stay ‘fresh’ for each new generation of fans. And this is no small thanks to their progressive attitudes towards everything in life and their love for all things new in the world.

The last part being especially true in the case of Mammootty who is known to be a lover of all the latest technology and gizmos, not to mention a style icon. But do not worry, Lalettan is certainly not far behind and he too stays forever youthful and a symbol of ‘cool’ for the youngsters.

With the advent of social media, both stars made it a point to partake in it with the mission of getting closer to their fans who number in the millions. The number of likes in their respective Facebook pages and the countless followers they have on Twitter should be proof enough of that!

But social media does have its side effects and unfortunate by products.

Though the superstars are admitted friends in real life, the completely overdone and unnecessary feuds between their respective fandoms often manifest on the social media pages. From a few biting remarks or mocking comments between the two ‘clubs’, it often escalates to spiteful and vicious fights.

This has often been a source of concern for the actors and they have repeatedly condemned such verbal attacks in their names.

So now, as a measure against it, the Megastar and the Universal Star have decided to start a combined Facebook page!

Yes, folks it’s happening soon and the page will be an embodiment of the love and respect they have for each other, with the added intent of being a motivation to the fans not to stoop down to irreverence on their accounts.

This effectively takes the bullets out of the guns of many an over enthusiastic and fanatic fan, yeah?

This page will carry the same amount of information about both of them, and will give equal importance to both the living treasures of Malayalam cinema.

So there you have it folks, no more fighting – because Lalettan and Mammukka said so!

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