Comedian Priyadarshi’s Shocking Comments on Talented Actor

Popular comic actor Priyadarshi made his presence during the theatrical trailer launch of the film 47 Days. The event took place yesterday in Hyderabad. Satya Dev, who was shot to fame with the films Ghazi, Jyothi Lakshmi and others is a part of the project, by playing the lead.

Priyadarshi Comments On Satya Dev
Priyadarshi Comments On Satya Dev

Meanwhile, during his speech, Priyadarshi said, “How did Satyadev get this film? I heard that he entered the industry to become Prakash Raj. Everyone tells that he is a great person. Are you really great (pointing to Satyadev)? I don’t understand how people like these become heroes. I do not want to waste my time talking about him. He does not do any comedy in the film and I am not sure how the film is going to become a hit.” said Priyadarshi in a satirical and lighter manner.

Everyone at the event enjoyed this pretty well and at one time Satya Dev too looked restless but he too gestured Priyadarshi asking him to stop his speech. These comments have become the talk of the town now.

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