Comedian Insults Mahesh Babu

From the last few days, we are seeing the Telugu cinema fans firing against a Tamil standup comedian named Manoj Prabhakar who mocked Mahesh Babu in his video. The comedian said that Mahesh Babu is the male version of Katrina Kaif and also added that Mahesh is a single expression actor. The fans took it seriously and trolled him on the social media. All the star heroes fans united for this and demanded an apology from him.

comedian insults mahesh babu
comedian insults mahesh babu

Manoj who was arrogant in nature tried to cover up his gesture by a long explanation which did not go well. The fans continued mocking him and finally, Manoj openly tendered an apology to the fans and hoped that the issue ends.

“This is to all the Telugu cinema fans and Mr. Mahesh Babu fans and to Mr. Mahesh Babu himself. As I already mentioned in the previous post, everything and anything told was not personal and I have nothing against the actor or his followers. If at all if anything was hurtful or if it did hurt anyone’s sentiment, then it wasn’t intentional and my sincere SORRY and APOLOGIES for the same. I sincerely hope this clarifies everything and you all will consider this. So I believe everything will stop from now and we can move on with our lives. Thank you very much for your kind understanding. Peace.” posted Manoj Prabhakar.

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