Comedian entering into politics

As per the sources Popular Tamil comedian Vadivelu would be entering into politics soon. Reports says that he is joining in the DMK party like kushboo.

It was a few days ago that the comedian actor Vadivelu house and office attacked by actor turned politician Vijayakanth’s men. Vadivelu also filed complaint against actor Vijayakanth. For this allegations actor Vijayakanth in a press meet that Vadivelu’s complaint itself was unhealthy and he had done this allegation for some influential politicians. More than this the actor Vijayakanth said that the master mind of the whole issue is none other than Mr. Karunanidhi CM of Tamilnadu who is afraid of his party’s rapid growth in the state and creating problems for his party.

Actor Vadivelu said that he knows that Vijayakanth is behind all this issue and he personally ordered his men to finish his entire family. He also adds that if actor Vijayakanth becomes CM of Tamilnadu even God can’t save the people. At last actor Vadivelu is going to contest in the forthcoming elections against the third rate Politician actor Vijayakanth and will defeat him. Vadivelu claims that he had more fans and fame than Vijayakanth and will beat him in elections.

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