Comedian Brahmanandam turns as Rat

Comedy director Relangi Narasimha Rao is currently directing a film called “Eluka Mazaka” with star comedian Brahmanandam.

Brahmanandam in Eluka Mazaka
Brahmanandam in Eluka Mazaka

Brahmanandam, Vennala Kishore, Pavani are the lead characters in this film. This film is scheduled to release next month.

“There wasn’t any film made with the rat as the subject in Indian cinema. This film is such a kind of a story in which rat will be seen talking, dancing and what not. People will be mesmerized and will enjoy the scenes where rat turns into Brahmanandam and Brahmanandam turning himself into a rat.

Graphics is the highlight for this film. Comedy film doesn’t need much graphics, but the story of his demands such. Since visual effects are high in this film, it takes some time to complete the process. Audio will be launched soon and movie will release the coming month” said director Narasimha Rao.

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