Comedian Ali’s Speech at Loafer Audio Launch

Ali is not only known for his hilarious on-screen acts but also for his sexist comments at heroines during public events. However, it seems that the ace comedian was well scared after the uproar form women when he last made sexist comments against actress Anushka. Now all the audience are very keen and more eager to watch and listen the Ali’s speech.

Ali Speech at Loafer Audio
Ali Speech at Loafer Audio

During his recent speech at Varun’s ‘Loafer’ audio launch event, Ali refrained himself from making comments at Disha Patani. Ali recently said to media that he will not talk much in the events and also will not make any comments on any actress.

Here is Ali’s speech at ‘Loafer’ Audio Launch:

For the starters, Ali had earlier commented that Samantha’s waist was like Benz circle of Vijayawada and Anushka has the best thighs, and she is like a hot jilebi. He made these comments during the audio launch events of ‘S/o Sathyamurthy’ and ‘Size Zero’.

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