Color Swathi and Aswin’s Tiri details

Upcoming young Tamil hero Aswin who has been sharing the screen with Telugu girl Swati has revealed many things about her and her behavior on sets.


Actress Swathi and hero Aswin has been working together for a flick in Tamil which is titled as Tiri. This pair has already proved successful with their last movie Idarkutane Asaipattay Balakumara. Hero Aswin while sharing his memories working with Swathi in his career has unveiled a lot of unknown things about her. Aswin said that Swathi is a talented actress and one should act very carefully whenever she is in the combination as she can easily rob the attention towards her with her skills. He also said that Swathi is mischievous on sets and cares very minute things about expressions. Aswin, however, declares that she is a fine actress and working with her is always a pleasure.

Apart from Tiri, Aswin is working for a thriller which is made with very high technical values in Tamil. He will be seen as a video game animator. According to him, this movie will be of international standards.

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