Cold War In Nadigar Sangam

There is a cold war happening in Nadigar Sangam right now. Actor Ponvannan who is the vice president of Nadigar Sangam has submitted his resignation to the association. Vishal and his team have contested in the elections after alleging that Sarath Kumar was involved in the corruption.

Vishal Nadigar Sangam
Vishal Nadigar Sangam

Vishal won in the Producers Council and Nadigar Sangam elections, but a controversy popped up after Vishal decided to contest for RK Nagar constituency. Producers like Raadhika, T Rajender, and few others have demanded for his resignation and the council members also informed the same to Vishal.

Vishal is not able to decide on something and in the middle of everything, the resignation of Ponvannan is bringing a huge pressure on Vishal. More details on the same would be out soon.

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