CM rejects Jagan’s indecent proposal

The Chief Minister, Mr K. Rosaiah, has apparently rebuffed a recent proposal from the camp of MP Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy who wants him to step down as Chief Minister after a convenient period of time in his favour.

The “truce” proposal was brought to Mr Rosaiah by a key political figure of the Jagan camp and the gist was that Jagan would extend all possible support to Mr Rosaiah with his group of MLAs and with the popular Telugu daily Sakshi and the news channel for the next six to eight months as long as the former abdicated in his favour.

Mr Rosaiah apparently patiently heard the proposal before turning it down stating that he was not the one to decide whether he would continue as Chief Minister.

“Let him (Jagan) know that no one is forcibly occupying this chair. There was a vacancy and the Congress high command thought that I should occupy it and administer the state which I have been doing. If someone wants this chair then they should go and talk to the high command,” Mr Rosaiah had replied.

Well-informed sources say that the mediator put forth the proposal stating that Mr Rosaiah would not have any problems and could continue in his post for the next six to eight months, but after that he should voluntarily step down and influence the Congress high command to appoint Jagan in his place.

It has been no secret that right from September 3, 2009 (the day YSR was declared dead) Jagan has been campaigning for the CM’s post. When Mr Rosaiah had visited the camp office on September 3 after being sworn in as CM — to receive YSR’s body — he himself had seen Jagan’s men collecting signatures of those in favour of him being Chief Minister.

When Mr Rosaiah had once called on the young MP at his residence, Jagan had reportedly thumped his arm on the chair and said: “Who else will Sonia Gandhi consider as CM but me.”

He has apparently also been telling everyone that someone is occupying his father’s chair, which in all rights, should be his.

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