I Have Cleavage Says Popular Heroine

Deepika Padukone Cleavage Show

Deepika Padukone, the star who is known for her cool attitude and friendly nature, shocked media with her reply. Recently a media house posted her pics commenting on her cleavage. Responding to this, Deepika Padukone fired on that media saying that, “I am a woman and I have breasts. I have cleavage and what is the problem for you?”

This reply shocked all the individuals present in that press meet. Generally, Deepika won’t get angry and even if she gets angry, she won’t come up with this kind of bold statements. This shows that Deepika Padukone took the aspect quite seriously and that particular media house hurt her to the peak.

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Previously, Parineeti Chopra too fired on media with similar bold statements. This is a warning for all the media segments to stop abusing girls. Few people have mixed feeling on this aspect. They are saying that the media will automatically stop these activities if they stop going for extreme skin show. Debate is on progress in the nation.

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