Clear indication of the relationship status of Mega Brothers

Mega Brothers are encountering tough phase in their lives. It is hard for Chiru and Pawan to maintain distance but their hearts are quite nearer. They mentioned that they don’t have any tiffs between one another while few fans of both these stars are fighting on one another.


“How was the relation exactly between Chiru and Pawan?” turned out to be a hot topic. A pic which was leaked to the media gave clear indication of the relationship status between the Mega Brothers. As per this pics, Pawan’s daughter Aadhya is playing on the lap of Chiru and Ram Charan on the sets of GAV. Along with Pawan’s daughter Srija’s daughter also there.

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Media clicked these pics and updated it in the internet. This clearly focused that there is no tiff between the two families and even if they are at distance, their hearts are at the same place. Hence, Mega Fans need not undergo division and can be united as always to support the entire Mega Family.

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