Clash of egos between Dhanush and Sivakarthikeyan?

This is one of the latest pieces of speculation floating around Kollywood, and the reason is simple. Sivakarthikeyan was not seen at Dhanush’s birthday party, which was held a few days ago, and this was noted by many as a sign that the two are having some personal issues right now.


The reason many claimed was possibly a war of the egos, which manifested after Siva’s Maan Karaate became a success and he became legitimate competition for Dhanush.
So recently, after this news began surfacing here and there, Sivakarthikeyan decided to speak up and clarify on the matter once and for all. And what did he have to say? The answer stunned many!

He explained that not only was he at the party, he arrived early and – get this – stayed until the very end, which was almost 4 am. He simply was not in any of the photos the media got a hold of!

Now that is just ridiculous how simply not being in a few pictures got translated in to a personal grudge with another person.

Well, what can we say except that the media does tend to be a little eager to jump to conclusions sometimes…

And about the supposed ego clash between them? Sivakarthikeyan’s reply to this too was a revelation.

“Dhanush has been in the industry for over 14 years now. The success he has had and the things that he has experienced, they are on a different level altogether… Not just in terms of box office figures, but in terms of the reputation and respect he has earned, I will never be on par with him,” said the ever so humble Sivakarthikeyan.

Now that should sufficiently take the sting out of such rumours in the future…

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