Clarification on Raj Tarun and Lasya Marriage Rumors

Young Tollywood actor Raj Tarun has been rumored to have married anchor Lasya. As a picture, in which the duo was seen close, started circulating on social media, many believed this news.

Raj Tarun and Lasya Marriage
Raj Tarun and Lasya Marriage

However, after a brief silence, Raj Tarun opted to condemn the news by aiming sarcastic tweets at the gossipmongers for spreading his marriage news. He thanked everyone for successfully organizing his marriage on social media.

‘I have inadvertently met Lasya only once during the audio launch event of ‘Kumari 21F’ and we have never met ever since. I am definitely not in a position to elope with anyone. I have no intention of marrying for another three years at least and when I decide to marry, I will definitely make an official announcement,’ Raj Tarun clarified.

The young lad is currently busy with a handful of films.

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