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Cinema Choopistha Mava: Massy and youthful

After the much appreciated and embraced Uyyala Jampala, the lead pair of Raj Tarun and Avika Gor is back with Cinema Choopista Mava. From the trailers and the title it is very evident that the movie is a hardcore entertainment fare. But does it really fare well? The answer is mostly yes.

Raj Tarun and Avika Gor in Cinema Choopistha Movie
Raj Tarun and Avika Gor in Cinema Choopistha Movie

Katthi (Raj Tarun) is a jobless happy-go-lucky wanderer. Enter Parineeta (Avika Gor) , a Bengali and Katthi falls in love with her. As expected the Mama has to enter the scene. Rao Ramesh plays the father Somnath Chaterjee and doesn’t approve of their love. He throws a challenge to Katthi in order to agree to their wedding. The events that follow and the message conveyed to either side are the remaining story.

The story fundamentally has nothing much new to offer. However, the writer comes up with some hilarious situations that keep the film going. The movie has a good number of satirical remarks that evoke humor. Prasanna Kumar has written dialogues that really work for these situations, most of the times. The film’s flow is consistent in both the halves, and again the credit shall go to the dialogues.

Raj Tarun had a dialogue delivery and accent which was a big asset to Uyyala Jampala. It covered his lack of acting skills in that film. However, in this movie, he has further polished his dialogue delivery and improves his acting too. He aptly suited the role of Katthi maintaining a matching body language. He is definitely a plus to the film. On the other hand we have Avika Gor, who relatively doesn’t have much screen presence. She looks good beside Raj Tarun reminding us of the interesting pair they made in Uyyala Jampala. Performance wise, Avika has improved but she is just OK. Rao Ramesh steals the show as Somnath Chaterjee with his trademark acting. He knows his lines and emotes it perfectly. Supporting cast included Posani, Sathyam Rajesh and Chanti providing additional comic relief.

Cinema Choopistha Movie Poster
Cinema Choopistha Movie Poster

The drawback of the film is that the characters are clichéd. We have seen such roles umpteen numbers of times in last three decades where we see the ‘mama alludla sawaal’. Also the film doesn’t take it itself too seriously and completely relies on comedy.

The things which help the movie additionally are its music and background score by Shekar Chandra. He has given some good numbers. The director has earlier made films like Memu Vayasuku Vachaam and proved again that his films can work to an extent for sure. The emotional touch that he gives to the story and the twists he generated also helped the movie. Sai Sriram’s cinematography is neat too.

All in all, Cinema Choopistha Mava is as youthful and massy as the song it is inspired from. However, don’t expect much content here. A paisa vasool for a single theatre ticket price atleast.

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