Chuttalabbayi Review – Formulaic Attempt of Aadi and Saikumar

Rating: 1.5/5

Critic Rating: (1.5/5)

Aadi son of Veteran actor Sai Kumar was on high with two back to back hits like Premakavali and Lovely. After that he did many trails to get back into success track, but, all those attempts gave him terrible reviews. Now he is coming back with a commercial entertainer titles “Chuttalabbai” under the direction of Veerabhadram who has given decent hits to Allari Naresh and Sunil in the form of Aha Na Pellanta and Poolarangadu respectively and a regretful failure to King Nagarjuna in the name of Bhai. This movie is coming as a very important and crucial attempt from both hero Adhi and director Veerabadhram. Let’s see how it works on us!


Aadi and Namitha in Chuttalabbayi
Aadi and Namitha in Chuttalabbayi

Babji (Aadi) is a recovery agent who collects bad debts. He comes across a girl named Kavya (Namitha Pramod) who runs away from her family having danger from them. Kavya’s brother (Abhimanyu Singh) starts chasing him as he helps Kavya at some point of crucial time. He takes Kavya to his native village and introduces her as his friend to his family. After a point of time Kavya start loving Babji. Kavya’s family with another gang attacks Babji’s family knowing this. How Babji solves all the problems forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Aadi looks decent in his role and has improved a lot with his screen presence and acting capabilities. He is good with his dances and also packs a punch in the action sequences. Namitha Pramod is good and beautiful. Sai kumar is fantastic in his role but has no importance. He is an added advantage in the second half of the movie. Thirty years Prudhvi has become the savior of all the commercial movies now a days like Brahmanandham was. Posani Krishna Murali is nice. Raghu Babu is good. All other actors are good to the extent of their roles.

Writing Department

Chuttalabbayi New Poster
Chuttalabbayi New Poster

Story of Chuttalabbai is quite routine and screenplay is predictable. Dialogues are just okay.

Technical Departments

Tracks composed by Thaman SS are okay and his background score is good. He seemed to try hard to lift the movie but failed because of it’s content. Arun Kumar’s cinematography is nice. He showcased village locales very well. Editing by S R Sekhar is just okay. He could have chopped many scenes out. Action sequences are fine.
Production values are apt.


  • Sai Kumar and Aadi
  • Ali
  • Thirty Years Prudhvi


  • Routine Story
  • Wasted Casting
  • Comedy tracks which fail to make us laugh
  • Second Half


First half of the movie has a quite predictable screenplay and beaten to death scenes which are saved by Thirty years Prudhvi. This half at times gives us the impression that it is the copy or remake of Shahrukh Khan and Deepika starrer “Chennai Express”. This boring first half is saved only by Prudhvi with his funny acts despite of bad and regular writing. With the proceedings, interval block also seems less interesting. Second half marks the introduction of Sai Kumar. Audience feel delighted to watch father and son together on screen but director Veerabhadram made a wasted opportunity because of the poor characterization to Sai Kumar. This second half is a total mess and waste run in the regular way. The only savior of this half is Ali. Director Veerabhadram who scored decent hits with his comedy movies should have stuck to his talent despite of adding unnecessary action blocks. He designed very weak characters which fail to add to the depth of the story. Ali and Prudhvi made this Chuttalabbai partly enjoyable but the story and other things make us reject this movie. To sum up, Chuttalabbai is a formulaic attempt from Aadi and Sai Kumar with Veerabadhram.

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