Christian Engagement, Hindu Wedding for Amala – Vijay

The most talked about romance in Kollywood these days, that is set to culminate in marital bliss, between the beautiful starlet Amala Paul and director Vijay has its own unique features including how the deeply committed couple deal with the issue of their different religious faiths – well, simply by having a church engagement observing the Christian faith and a ceremonial Hindu wedding later!


Yes, it seems the duo has decided to respect the wishes of both their families and loved ones through this endearing decision. The engagement, as previously announced, will take place on June 7 in Kochi at the St. Jude’s church, Choondi. Then, a week later on June 12, the couple will tie the knot the Hindu way at Mayor Ramanathan Chettiar Hall, Chennai.

While the engagement ceremony will involve the presence of only those closest to them, the wedding itself will have a guest list which would hold all the big names in the Tamil and Telugu film industries.

Amala and Vijay are also throwing a party at the CIAL Convention Center, Nedumbassery for their friends in the Malayalam cine world.

The lovers met and fell in love during the shooting of Vijay’s Deiva Thirumagal but kept their relationship secret for almost two years. It was recently that they revealed their deep feelings for each other in true cinematic fashion to their families and then to the world at large. Not wasting time with colorful and immature relationship fantasies, they soon announced their decision to take the plunge in to marital life.

A madly in love Amala even posted a Facebook update proclaiming her feelings and admiration for her beau.

Though all is not well in this fairytale as Amala, reportedly, was asked to leave a project in Telugu titled Vastha Nee Venuka, she had committed to earlier because of the coming change in her marital status. The makers of the movie apparently felt that she should have revealed her plans to get hitched at the time of signing the movie and that this would affect the reception of the movie, a romantic flick, by the audiences.

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