Choreographer Tara files a case on Sundaram Master!

Most of the film lovers knows that south India’s noted choreographers Sundaram Master (Prabhudeva’s father) and Tara madam. The duo worked as choreographers for many south indian films.Now the shocking news is that Tara madam filed a case on Sundaram master for cheating her and she dragged him to court.

Tara madam said that "She was worked as an assistant to Sundaram master for many films in the period of 1964-1972. During that period we moved close together and I got married with Sundaram master in that time,around 38 years ago and we also lived together. Later one day he told me that he is going to his native place and will come back.In his native place, Sundaram Master got wedded to Prabhu Deva’s mother.He returned and sadly told me that his family members forced him to get married.After some time later I gave birth to a boy baby and he was with me for four months after my delivery.She said that later, Sundaram Master had left her permanently, by cheating her.She is also said that even in the birth certificate of my son, Sundaram’s name is mentioned as his father.

Now she wants the compensation and relief from the Sundaram master for cheating and making her mentally upset.She also said that our financial position is also in a very bad condition, so i request the Honorable Court to do the justice for her. She is demanding Rs 5-crore alimony and a monthly maintenance allowance of Rs 75,000. She also stated that Sundaram’s present assets value is around Rs 100crores .

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