Chopra’s went to the next glamour level

Chopras Glamour

Priyanka Chopra was one of the hottest stars in Bollywood film industry. Parinithi Chopra got the tag of a traditional girl next door status. With this, Chopras got the tag of donning any sort of roles in Bollywood film industry. Interestingly, Barbie Handa, who came into Bollywood with “Zid” turned out to be a ultra-glamorous star in the industry.

She rocked silver screen with high profile ‘A’ rated sequences. No one expected this sort of a debut from a Chopra girl. Now, Parinithi too is changing her trend. Recently, she was seen in a see through top in a recent event.

This attire looked utmost sexy apart from appearing quite stylish. This made audience believe that Parinithi too upgraded herself to the level of Barbie and Priyanka. Hence, the Chopra girls went to the next glamour level in Bollywood!

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