Chiyaan Vikram’s fan got murdered

The worship of hardcore fans on movie stars can lead to anything. We have seen fans losing their money, properties. The recent case regarding a hero’s fan is shocking.

Vikram Fan Murder
Vikram Fan Murder

Manikantan, a Kabaddi player of 20 years age is a hardcore fan of Tamil superstar Vikram. He has been maintaining a fan group for Vikram for many years. But his friend named Ramachandran from his hometown Namakkal has said that he is going to start another fans association. But Manikantan asked Ramachandran that he is the senior fan and let him be the president of the new fans association as well. As Ramachandran disagreed for this, he went to first fight with Manikandan, and they went of departing that evening to their homes. But Ramachandran and his friends attacked Manikandan with knives.

Immediately Manikandan was rushed to hospital by his friends, but he was declared dead due to severe internal bleeding. Police have arrested Ramachandran and 4 of his friends.

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