Chitrangada Singh out from Krissh 3?

Why was Chitrangada Singh suddenly replaced by Jacqueline Fernandez in the mutant’s role in Krissh 3? Though both the parties ascribe a problem of dates, there is more to this parting of ways than meets the eye.

"I can only say there were date issues…I tried to sort it out. Couldn’t manage," Chitrangada maintained when contacted.

Rakesh Roshan said: "Actually I was to start the film in October and had taken the dates accordingly. But now I’ve shifted the film to December. Chitrangada tried her best to give us dates in December-January. But I think she has some family commitments. So she couldn’t accommodate us. I had to opt for another actor."

But a source says that apparently Chitrangada was not comfortable with some of the requirements for the role.

"Initially Chitrangda was most excited about the mutant’s role. She had begun to read up as much as possible on the subject and had even begun physical preparation. The clothes, makeup, body language and speech quality were all discussed. Chitrangda had even begun to train in martial arts and had taken off to the US to try accelerated freefall skydiving," said the source.

According to the source, it was certain scenes showing the mutant’s transformation that made Chitrangda uncomfortable.

"Though the mutant’s role is stupendous it does require the actress to get down to an elemental level of self-revelation. That’s where the problem came in."

Jacqueline, who recently re-definied on-screen sizzle for Murder 2, has happily stepped into the mutant’s part.(IANS)

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